Wine Cooler Review – 28 Bottle NewAir AW281E


NewAir AW281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NewAir AW281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This wine cooler, from NewAir is designed with a storage capacity of 28 bottles. It makes use of thermoelectric technology and it is an affordable and practical addition to the home of any wine lover.

NewAir is now a leader in the manufacture of free-standing wine coolers that are portable. This has occurred over the last ten years since they have focused on elegant styling, useful design features, and excellent engineering.

Ratings and reviews have been extremely positive for NewAir products even though they are not a large brand name producer. When you consider the stellar reviews NewAir has received in conjunction with their aggressive pricing, it is understandable that this particular model sells quite well on Amazon’s giant e-commerce site. Amazon typically has the best prices for appliances like this and you can have it delivered within two days for free if you’re a Amazon Prime member! It doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

This particular wine cooler, that has a twenty eight bottle capacity, is extremely quiet and it is safe to install it virtually anywhere in your residence. Even though it is not totally silent, it makes far less noise than its competitors and it is almost devoid of vibration. At most, you will notice only a low frequency hum from this device as its keeping your wine cool.

The shelves on the interior of the cooler are metal racks with a chrome coating that can be removed easily and customized according to the configuration that you require. Aesthetically pleasing and durable, these racks are anchored in place by durable plastic clips that hold them firmly in place and prevent them from sliding. The shelving can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate bottles of varying sizes. The bottom portion of the cooler is even able to accommodate up to nine bottles of champagne without damaging them. In cases where the bottom shelving is removed completely, the racks in the upper portion of the cooler are still adequate for numerous standard size wine bottles, or even other types of drinks.

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This NewAir unit is able to dependably and consistently maintain the temperature of your wine at your pre-determined setting after you have configured it, and filled it with the wine of your choice. Subsequent to its initial delivery, this unit must sit upright for about two hours before the cooling system will function correctly when the condenser is switched on during its initial operation. Even though no independent test results are available, the cooler’s ambient temperature does seem to remain consistent over a long period of time. Nevertheless, when this wine cooler is fully loaded, it can take up to twenty four hours for the temperature to equilibrate.

Product Features and Specifications

Some of the main features of the NewAir AW281E include:

  • Chrome plated, removable and customizable racks
  • Low noise and low vibration cooling system that is thermoelectric
  • Sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing styling with stainless steel trim, glass doors, black finish, and chrome racks
  • Double paned glass doors and enhanced insulation and UV light protection
  • Versatile and portable
  • LED lights on the interior to accentuate your wine collection

Other Things to Consider

NewAir also has excellent customer support for all of their products and you will find them helpful and friendly if you contact them. It can be important to have excellent customer service when you invest in a new appliance and you will not be disappointed with the customer service department at NewAir. They will fully answer any questions you have regarding, set-up, warranty, or any other related issues.

It is a good idea if you review the NewAir Repair Master warranty to make yourself cognizant of their policies, where are fairly easy to comprehend and similar to that of many appliances. When this wine cooler is delivered, all you will need to do is install the door handle and let the cooler run for several hours until it stabilizes. This makes this wine cooler quite simple to start using.

There have been several customer complaints that this wine cooler has not been able to maintain its temperature at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this issue has only occurred with several customers. This difficulty may be traced to the fact that it takes this unit quite some time to adjust if the amount of bottles stored in it changes dramatically all of a sudden. It can take several hours for the temperature to return to the desired level.

Another drawback associated with the NewAir is that it is not as energy efficient as some of the more costly wine coolers of similar size. Compared to other models it seems to draw quite a significant amount more in electricity. One customer wrote that it costs him $150 more per year to use the NewAir wine fridge compared to a similar Wine Enthusiast model like the Wine Enthusiast Silent 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator (Stainless Steel). With rising energy costs it would seem a better choice to go for a model that consumes less electricity.

Customer Reviews

We collected a few sections of customer reviews that are posted on Amazon for this specific wine refrigerator which might help you decide whether it’s for you or not:

… Awesome value for the expense. Unit is very quiet and is energy efficient. Replaced a defunct Vinotemp unit no longer manufactured … (read more)

… the unit looks great, is easy to assemble, seems well built, is nice and quiet, cools quickly and re-cools quickly after opening the door … (read more)

Buy from Amazon

The average feedback of this wine refrigerator is a great 3.8 out of 5 stars at the time of writing. There are currently 48 customer reviews available on Amazon. Customers that bought this wine refrigerator mentioned that it works quiet and looks great.


Based on our research the NewAir AW281E is a great choice if you want to store up to 28 wine bottles. One of the reviews mentioned that “I’ve had this fridge for 18 months now and it’s as quiet and reliable now as when I bought it. I keep all my good cabs in it at 55 degrees and using a probe thermometer I can verify that it’s dead nuts on temperature. It doesn’t have a compressor so it’s very quiet.”. This shows that this wine fridge is a quality product that you can use safely to store your wines if you use it within the limits as described by the manufacturer.

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