What to Look For When You Want to Buy a Wine Refrigerator

There are a few different types of wine refrigerators. You can find built-in models or standalone units. No matter what type, they are engineered to maintain a consistent temperature and climate.

Many wine refrigerators are suitable for long-term storage. You can find a few that are only designed for cooling your wine to the perfect serving temperature. These units typically hold only one bottle of wine for chilling.

Finding The Best Wine Refrigerator

Finding The Best Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators allow you to store your wine at consistent temperatures and humidity levels. This provides an optimal environment for long-term storage and aging and makes sure your wine won’t get spoiled.

Other factors that could impact the quality of your wine during longer-term storage are light and vibrations. Most wine coolers have darkened glass or no glass at all to keep the light out. Wine fridges also use cooling methods that avoid or minimize vibrations.

When you look for a wine refrigerator you not only have to take the long-term storage into consideration but you also have to think about how many bottles you want or need to store. In addition to that you should also consider the types of wines you want to store. White and red wines are best kept at different temperatures. If you want to keep both you might want to get a dual-zone wine cellar.

Dual-zone wine refrigerators have two different temperature zones. You can set the temperature individually for each section. This makes sure that your different kinds of wine are stored at the perfect temperature for each kind.

Lastly you want to make sure that you have easy access to your bottles of wine. The wine fridges typically are designed to have their doors opened for only short periods of time so that they can keep a perfect environment. The last thing you’d want is that you have to rearrange bottles in the fridge when you want to take one out and thus keep the wine cooler open for a long time.
If you take these points into consideration then you should be able to find a great wine refrigerator for yourself.

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