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Can You Chill Your Wine On Ice?

Wine On Ice

That’s a good question. Our suggestion is that you use a wine refrigerator to cool your wines down to the temperature that’s best for the type of wine you want to drink. However, sometimes that just doesn’t work (as you might not have a wine cooler) or you might be somewhere where you can’t just bring a wine fridge (think of a picnic or restaurant.

Wine On Ice

Wine On Ice (Source: Image by jenny downing via Flickr)

Wine will reach it’s full flavor only when it’s served at the right temperature. Be aware that the best temperature to store a wine is not necessarily the best temperature to serve a wine. Check out our post on Best Temperatures For Serving Wine for more details on this topic.

So, can you chill your wine on ice if you are in a place where you can’t cool it down otherwise? Well, why not? Some people even put ice cubes into their wine glasses in a restaurant. That may be a little much but in the end it comes down to what you like.

We found an interesting article on the topic of chilling wine on ice. It was posted in the StarTribune.

I was at a small in-store tasting last week when the manager enthusiastically pulled a wine from the shelves, opened the bottle and poured some into a cup.

It was a white wine. It was at room temperature. And it was delicious.

My wife enjoyed it just as much and later wondered if the wine, a WJ Meek Sauvignon Blanc, would be as tasty chilled. I was not nearly smart enough to have the answer. (We learned later that it is splendid when chilled.)

Read the whole article here.

We would suggest though that for the home you’ll have a look at a wine cooler. Even though you can put your wine on ice if needed, it still is better and easier to keep it stored and ready for serving at the right temperature. So, if you don’t want to have your wine cooling down in an ice bucket then check out our wine refrigerator reviews to find the best wine fridge for your home.