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Important Tips On How To Find A Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers - Protecting Your Wine

How To Find The Perfect Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers - Protecting Your Wine

Wine Coolers – Protecting Your Wine

There’s quite a few differences you will find when you compare your home refrigerator to a wine cooler. Your food refrigerator is cooling down your food to below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is way too cool to store wine. You would want to store your wine at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A wine refrigerator is also not designed to be constantly opened and closed. That’s what usually happens to your food fridge in the kitchen. A wine cooler could not maintain the optimum cooling temperature in such a setting.

Size Of Wine Coolers

You can find wine coolers in many different sizes and you might wonder what size is best for you. This will mostly depend on the size of your wine collection at a given time and then secondly it will depend on what kind of space you have available to place a wine cooler. If you are an occasional wine drinker then a model that can keep 6 bottles and sits on top of your kitchen counter might be perfect. If you have an extensive collection of wines then you might need to opt for a large model that can hold upwards of 40 or 50 bottles. Most of these bigger wine refrigerators have separate cooling areas that allow you to store each type of wine (red, white, or rose) at their perfect temperature.

How Cold Should My Wine Be?

The quality of the wine in your glass is very dependent on the quality of how the wine was stored and cooled before it ended up in your glass. Storing wine too warm will speed up the aging process while. Storing wine too cold will slow down the natural aging process which is similar harmful to your wines. You also have to keep in mind that different types of wines need to be stored at different temperatures and react differently to temperature changes.

Dry white, rose and even light red wines are stored best at temperatures between 40 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Full-bodied wines store best at temperatures of around 52 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, you want to be careful to keep your compartment temperatures in those ranges. If you are only an occasional wine drinker then a small wine fridge will be fine simply because you might stick to one type of wine and can keep the chiller run at just that temperature. Keeping and storing wines at their favorite temperatures will ensure that the wine in your glass ends up being of superior quality.

Wine Cellar Or Wine Cooler?

The real difference between a wine cellar and a wine cooler is simply one of size. A wine cellar will obviously be able to store many more bottles of wine but it will also be a lot more expensive. You also need to have a room in your basement available that you can convert into a wine cellar. Why the basement you ask? The reason is that there’s little sunlight getting into the area which works favorably for storing wines and that you also naturally end up with different temperature zones as basements are usually cooler by themselves and the size of the cellar will produce different temperature regions. Wine cellars are in all reality great choices for true wine enthusiasts that need to store hundreds or even thousands of bottles and that have the money to convert part of their basement into a wine cellar.

Wine coolers on the other hand are compact and easy to setup and use. As you can imagine they are much cheaper than building a wine cellar and they easily fit into your kitchen or pantry. You can find undercounter models that will make them a perfect part in your kitchen. Larger models might find a place in your basement but you won’t need any construction to store your wines. Wines being stored in a wine fridge are stored as good as in a wine cellar. The difference is really size and prestige and the impact on your wallet.

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