Professional Wine Storage

Once you get hooked onto enjoying real good wine and needing to store it you might find out that you don’t have the space to convert your basement into a wine cellar. No problem as you can get a nice wine cooler to put into your kitchen or pantry or whereever you have enough space. However, while wine refrigerators are great appliances that keep your bottles of wine perfectly cooled, they are not necessarily designed to store wine for prolonged periods like years or even decades.

With more and more people start to become true wine enthusiasts that want to buy and preserve high-end and also expensive wines there’s more often than not the need to professionally store those wines. In more metropolitan areas like New York City there’s services popping up that will professionally store your bottles of wine. One such company is for example the ‘Vintage Wine Warehouse’ in NYC. Storage is surprisingly affordable and starts at under $2 per case per month.

Professional Wine Storage

Professional Wine Storage

Here’s what the Vintage Wine Warehouse says of themselves:

“Wine Storage is our only business and has been for 25 years.”

We know wine and how to care for it. For over 25 years our company has been in the wine storage business and satisfied customers all over the world. We are the trusted choice of many prominent collectors and restaurants – storing, inventorying and shipping their wine.

Find out more about them at their site.

We think that this can be a great alternative to any sort of wine cellar in your basement. You’d still want to keep your wine cooler for your kitchen in order to store wines for consumption for shorter periods of time. Long-term storage, specifically in metropolitan areas, can often only be helped by using services like the ‘Vintage Wine Warehouse’. Why not give it a try?

Have you ever used a wine storage service? What were your experiences with it? Please share them in the comments below!

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