NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Refrigerator Review

29 Bottle Dual-Zone Built-In Wine Fridge

The NewAir AWR-290DB is, as the name suggests a wine cooler with a capacity of 29 bottles. It has two separate zones.

This is a very compact built wine refrigerator to be used as a built-in appliance in the kitchen or pantry. It’s 15 inches wide which makes it a standard width for most kitchen cabinets you can get.

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler


Even though it is sized that small, it packs a lot of capabilities into this appliance. The shelves are built from beech wood and are sturdy and robust. The outside features wide and prominent stainless steel. This gives it a very solid look which makes this wine fridge a great addition for nearly any kitchen or pantry.

The shelves are designed to hold several wine bottles on each shelf. If you fill the cooler with standard wine bottles, you can get up to 29 bottles into it. However, be aware that if you use larger bottles you can probably only get 15 or 18 bottles into the wine fridge.

The door is UV protecting glass that is framed by wide stainless steel trim. It is possible to switch the door around so it can open whichever way is easier and best for your setup. Even though the glass of the door is not dark as with many other coolers, it is protecting the wine bottles inside from harmful UV rays. The glass filters the UV rays out of the sunlight so even if the fridge is standing in sunlight, the wine bottles inside are safe from harm.

Dual-Zone Cooling

The upper zone is designed for white wines and you can adjust the temperature settings between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom section is meant for red wines with a temperature range between 50 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooling technology used is by compressor. This is a very robust version to cool the fridge but it is often a little noisier than thermo-electric coolers. The advantage is that it can cool down faster to the desired temperature though. Another advantage is that it produces barely any vibrations. Vibrations can impact the time for which you can store the wine in a negative way.

NewAir specifically designed the airflow in this fridge to provide an even cooling across the whole space. Any regular refrigerator will have areas that are colder and others that are warmer. That’s simply depending on how well the cooling air is distributed throughout the fridge. The AWR-290DB is designed to reduce or eliminate these temperature differences. This way your wine will cool evenly and you can store it for longer periods of time.

Temperature Adjustment

Using and adjusting the temperature is made very easy through a control panel. It is positioned inside the fridge which at first glance makes it harder to use. It also has the great advantage though that you can’t accidentally change the settings by bumping into the buttons. The panel provides the ability to adjust the temperature for each zone as well as to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

However, it is easy to see the current settings as they are displayed through the LCD display inside. It’s easy to see through the glass of the door. Other wine coolers with dark tinted glass have to have the LCD on the outside so you can read it.

Lock it up

Another great feature is that you can lock the unit. It has a keylock at the bottom of the wine refrigerator that allows you to securely lock the appliance in case you have children in the house and go out.

NewAir AWR-290DB Key Lock


This is one of the best built-in wine refrigerators you can find. Its compact design fits right into any kitchen. The 15 inches width match a standard cabinet size which makes it ideal to incorporate into a new kitchen design.

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