Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

The Koolatron WC29 is, as the name says, a dual zone wine cooler. It has the ability to store 29 bottles of wine. It’s a nicely priced mid-range freestanding wine cellar.


The upper zone has enough space to fit 10 wine bottles. The bottom area can hold up to 19 bottles of wine.

It’s a nicely designed fridge that combines a frosted glass front with stainless steel elements. The integrated LED lighting gives it a really cool touch.

Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar


An interesting feature is that the bottom zone has a basket at the bottom. This basket allows to store larger sized bottles or bottles with a unique shape that won’t fit into the shelving. You can even use the basket to store cans or beer bottles if you need to. The basket also allows to store and keep modern wine boxes. Yes, nothing for the wine lover but a lot more people go that route. A rather cleaver idea by Koolatron.

All the shelving and the basked can be removed in order to accommodate different sized bottles that you want to store. This might not be a feature you will ever use but it’s nice to have that option should the need arise.

What's inside?​

The Koolatron WC29 needs a compressor for cooling. This results in a somewhat louder fridge compared to a wine cellar that uses thermo-electric cooling. On the flipside, it is better suited to deal with regular opening of the wine cooler.

As already mentioned, it features two cooling zones in two completely separated cabinets. You can adjust the temperature in each cabinet to match the wines you keep in them, e.g. cooler temps for white wine, etc.

The fridge has adjustable feet to allow to level the cooler for optimal performance. It’s important to be able to have the wine cellar level so the bottles are stored at the optimal angle.

To adjust the temperature the WC29 does feature a LED control panel. You can switch the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius if you so desire.

The interior lighting is strong enough to provide you good visibility into the fridge. It also looks quite attractive and will make this wine refrigerator the center piece of your kitchen! Some people have remarked on the interior lighting to be too bright. If that’s the case for you then you can simply switch it off.


- Pleasant design that matches nearly every surrounding

- Versatile shelves and basket allowing to store a variety of bottle sizes and shapes


- Compressor cooled which created more noise

- Interior light might be too strong for some environments but it can be switched off


The Koolatron WC29 Wine Cellar is a great wine fridge if you intend to store a variety of wines that require different temperatures. Both compartments provide ample space to store wine for the average household. With an overall capacity of 29 bottles you can be sure to not run out of wine if you have guests over.

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