How Wine Should Not Be Served

We came across a well-written story on the Wine Spectator that we found to be good read for everyone interested in wine, wine storage, and wine serving. It’s written by Matt Kramer and he shares his wine serving experiences in Mexico City.

How Not to Serve Wine

How Not to Serve Wine

It highlights how important it is to either be knowledgeable as well as adventurous yourself or to rely on a good sommelier.

I chose a white and a red and several minutes later the server returned with a different white than the one I had ordered (one about which I had a nice story to tell). “We didn’t have the wine you ordered, so I brought you something else that’s just as good,” he said.

Oh boy. “I’m sorry,” I replied as politely as I could. “But I don’t want that wine. Please bring me the list again.”

I don’t doubt that the server—he really didn’t deserve the designation “sommelier”—meant well (the other wine was, in fairness, similarly priced). But he created an unnecessarily adversarial situation. The alternative wine was thrust out with the expectation that his choice would be meekly accepted. After all, it was already there. It presumed that our table wanted and needed his wine advice. We had previously given no such indication.

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One important tip that we found in Matt’s story is that you should ask for a bucket filled with lots of water and some ice. That’ll allow you to submerge the bottle of wine deeply and ensure an even cooling of the wine. A bucket only filled with ice will not allow you to put the bottle deep into the bucket and thus your wine will get warmer by the minute.

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