Have Your Red Wine Taste Best in Hot Weather!

Do you know how you’ll get the best flavor for your red wine in hot weather? Chill it before you serve it. Red wine is best served slightly below room temperature. But in the summer the room temperature might be higher than what is good for the wine and your taste buds.

Even restaurants at times serve wine too warm. Touch the bottle of your red and if it doesn’t feel slightly cool then ask the waiter to chill it. Just have him or her put it in a bucket of ice and water for a few minutes to cool down. You’ll be glad you did it!

The LA Times had an article recently with tips on how to chill your red wine:

Try this experiment. Pour out a glass of red. Re-cork the bottle and chill it down in an ice bucket or the refrigerator – not as cold as white wine, obviously, but just a few degrees cooler than room temperature. Now pour out a glass of the chilled wine and compare the two.

The warmer wine will probably taste more alcoholic and flabby in structure. The cooler red will be more pulled together, the alcohol subdued, the flavors miraculously zoomed into focus.

Find the whole article here.

While chilling your bottle of wine down for a few minutes before serving might be sufficient in a few cases, it’s still a better choice to use a wine fridge to keep your bottles at the perfect temperature. Storing your wine at warm temperatures will spoil it eventually and then it’ll be bad no matter how long you chill it!

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