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How Wine Should Not Be Served

How Not to Serve Wine

We came across a well-written story on the Wine Spectator that we found to be good read for everyone interested in wine, wine storage, and wine serving. It’s written by Matt Kramer and he shares his wine serving experiences in Mexico City.

How Not to Serve Wine

How Not to Serve Wine

It highlights how important it is to either be knowledgeable as well as adventurous yourself or to rely on a good sommelier.

I chose a white and a red and several minutes later the server returned with a different white than the one I had ordered (one about which I had a nice story to tell). “We didn’t have the wine you ordered, so I brought you something else that’s just as good,” he said.

Oh boy. “I’m sorry,” I replied as politely as I could. “But I don’t want that wine. Please bring me the list again.”

I don’t doubt that the server—he really didn’t deserve the designation “sommelier”—meant well (the other wine was, in fairness, similarly priced). But he created an unnecessarily adversarial situation. The alternative wine was thrust out with the expectation that his choice would be meekly accepted. After all, it was already there. It presumed that our table wanted and needed his wine advice. We had previously given no such indication.

Click on the link to read the whole story: How Not to Serve Wine.

One important tip that we found in Matt’s story is that you should ask for a bucket filled with lots of water and some ice. That’ll allow you to submerge the bottle of wine deeply and ensure an even cooling of the wine. A bucket only filled with ice will not allow you to put the bottle deep into the bucket and thus your wine will get warmer by the minute.

Do you have similar experiences or stories to share? Please leave them below in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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Have Your Red Wine Taste Best in Hot Weather!

Wine Coolers - Protecting Your Wine

Do you know how you’ll get the best flavor for your red wine in hot weather? Chill it before you serve it. Red wine is best served slightly below room temperature. But in the summer the room temperature might be higher than what is good for the wine and your taste buds.

Even restaurants at times serve wine too warm. Touch the bottle of your red and if it doesn’t feel slightly cool then ask the waiter to chill it. Just have him or her put it in a bucket of ice and water for a few minutes to cool down. You’ll be glad you did it!

The LA Times had an article recently with tips on how to chill your red wine:

Try this experiment. Pour out a glass of red. Re-cork the bottle and chill it down in an ice bucket or the refrigerator – not as cold as white wine, obviously, but just a few degrees cooler than room temperature. Now pour out a glass of the chilled wine and compare the two.

The warmer wine will probably taste more alcoholic and flabby in structure. The cooler red will be more pulled together, the alcohol subdued, the flavors miraculously zoomed into focus.

Find the whole article here.

While chilling your bottle of wine down for a few minutes before serving might be sufficient in a few cases, it’s still a better choice to use a wine fridge to keep your bottles at the perfect temperature. Storing your wine at warm temperatures will spoil it eventually and then it’ll be bad no matter how long you chill it!

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A Different Kind Of Wine Cooler For The Summer

A Different Kind of Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers have an identity problem. While some wine coolers stand in your kitchen or pantry to keep your bottles of wine cool, another kind is a favorite summer drink that you’ll find sitting on your table.

Wine Coolers for the summer

From left, Watermelon bellini, White Chiller, Dark Island Cooler and Rose Tinted Glasses wine coolers.
(Photo courtesy of Capital Gazette.)

The Capital Gazette had a story about wine coolers or wine spritzers as a great summer drink.

The wine cooler has a bit of an identity problem. Is it a wine spritzer? A wine cocktail? Sangria? And what about that wild-child moment in the `80s when it was the hottest thing on the party scene?

Luckily, this cocktail conundrum is easily solved. As Gertrude Stein might put it, wine cooler is wine spritzer is wine cocktail is sangria. And the versions being served today have nothing in common with the cheap, mass-produced products of 30 years ago.

Read more here:

Learn more about this drink that’s coming back and that will refresh you during summer and all other seasons. Let us know which wine cooler recipe you love. Our favorite on the list on the Capital Gazette is the Watermelon Bellini. Tastes simply delicious!

In any case, have a look at our Wine Cooler Reviews and find more wine stories and reviews at See you around!

Professional Wine Storage

Professional Wine Storage

Once you get hooked onto enjoying real good wine and needing to store it you might find out that you don’t have the space to convert your basement into a wine cellar. No problem as you can get a nice wine cooler to put into your kitchen or pantry or whereever you have enough space. However, while wine refrigerators are great appliances that keep your bottles of wine perfectly cooled, they are not necessarily designed to store wine for prolonged periods like years or even decades.

With more and more people start to become true wine enthusiasts that want to buy and preserve high-end and also expensive wines there’s more often than not the need to professionally store those wines. In more metropolitan areas like New York City there’s services popping up that will professionally store your bottles of wine. One such company is for example the ‘Vintage Wine Warehouse’ in NYC. Storage is surprisingly affordable and starts at under $2 per case per month.

Professional Wine Storage

Professional Wine Storage

Here’s what the Vintage Wine Warehouse says of themselves:

“Wine Storage is our only business and has been for 25 years.”

We know wine and how to care for it. For over 25 years our company has been in the wine storage business and satisfied customers all over the world. We are the trusted choice of many prominent collectors and restaurants – storing, inventorying and shipping their wine.

Find out more about them at their site.

We think that this can be a great alternative to any sort of wine cellar in your basement. You’d still want to keep your wine cooler for your kitchen in order to store wines for consumption for shorter periods of time. Long-term storage, specifically in metropolitan areas, can often only be helped by using services like the ‘Vintage Wine Warehouse’. Why not give it a try?

Have you ever used a wine storage service? What were your experiences with it? Please share them in the comments below!

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What to Look For When You Want to Buy a Wine Refrigerator

Finding The Best Wine Refrigerator

There are a few different types of wine refrigerators. You can find built-in models or standalone units. No matter what type, they are engineered to maintain a consistent temperature and climate.

Many wine refrigerators are suitable for long-term storage. You can find a few that are only designed for cooling your wine to the perfect serving temperature. These units typically hold only one bottle of wine for chilling.

Finding The Best Wine Refrigerator

Finding The Best Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators allow you to store your wine at consistent temperatures and humidity levels. This provides an optimal environment for long-term storage and aging and makes sure your wine won’t get spoiled.

Other factors that could impact the quality of your wine during longer-term storage are light and vibrations. Most wine coolers have darkened glass or no glass at all to keep the light out. Wine fridges also use cooling methods that avoid or minimize vibrations.

When you look for a wine refrigerator you not only have to take the long-term storage into consideration but you also have to think about how many bottles you want or need to store. In addition to that you should also consider the types of wines you want to store. White and red wines are best kept at different temperatures. If you want to keep both you might want to get a dual-zone wine cellar.

Dual-zone wine refrigerators have two different temperature zones. You can set the temperature individually for each section. This makes sure that your different kinds of wine are stored at the perfect temperature for each kind.

Lastly you want to make sure that you have easy access to your bottles of wine. The wine fridges typically are designed to have their doors opened for only short periods of time so that they can keep a perfect environment. The last thing you’d want is that you have to rearrange bottles in the fridge when you want to take one out and thus keep the wine cooler open for a long time.
If you take these points into consideration then you should be able to find a great wine refrigerator for yourself.

A Different Kind Of Wine Cooler – Great In The Summer!

Strawberry Mint Wine Cooler

With the temperatures going up outside it becomes even more important to cool down. Not only your wines but also yourself. And what is a great way to cool down when you have friends over or you relax at night after a long day?

Strawberry Mint Wine Cooler

Strawberry Mint Wine Cooler

Right, a cocktail. Yes, there’s many cocktails but today we’re looking at a specific one. And it goes along with the theme of this blog. You guessed it, it’s a wine cooler!

It’s so simple to make. Use some basic white wine. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one that you have in your wine refrigerator. Just a nice, fruity white wine will do.

Now you chop up some strawberries, about one cup of them. Pick a handful of mint leaves and tear them up. Maybe you can even pick them from your own backyard? You want to tear them up so they release more mint flavor. And then you also need a cup of seltzer water. That will add the bubbles to the mix.

Now all you have to have is a large pitcher. You empty your bottle of your favorite white wine into it, mix it up with the strawberries and the torn mint leaves, add the cup of seltzer water and stir. Add some ice cubes and you have the perfect wine cooler for a hot summer evening.

If you want to add a little citrus taste then add some lime to the mix. But that’s completely up to you! Enjoy and make sure you at least get this type of wine cooler in case you don’t have a wine fridge at home!

Strawberry Mint Wine Cooler

  • 1 bottle of white wine
  • 1 cup of chopped strawberries
  • 1 handful of torn up mint leaves
  • 1 cup seltzer water

If you have any cocktail left at the end of the evening then you want to make sure that you store it in a wine refrigerator. Don’t have one? Check out our wine refrigerator reviews to find the best wine fridge for your home.

Can You Chill Your Wine On Ice?

Wine On Ice

That’s a good question. Our suggestion is that you use a wine refrigerator to cool your wines down to the temperature that’s best for the type of wine you want to drink. However, sometimes that just doesn’t work (as you might not have a wine cooler) or you might be somewhere where you can’t just bring a wine fridge (think of a picnic or restaurant.

Wine On Ice

Wine On Ice (Source: Image by jenny downing via Flickr)

Wine will reach it’s full flavor only when it’s served at the right temperature. Be aware that the best temperature to store a wine is not necessarily the best temperature to serve a wine. Check out our post on Best Temperatures For Serving Wine for more details on this topic.

So, can you chill your wine on ice if you are in a place where you can’t cool it down otherwise? Well, why not? Some people even put ice cubes into their wine glasses in a restaurant. That may be a little much but in the end it comes down to what you like.

We found an interesting article on the topic of chilling wine on ice. It was posted in the StarTribune.

I was at a small in-store tasting last week when the manager enthusiastically pulled a wine from the shelves, opened the bottle and poured some into a cup.

It was a white wine. It was at room temperature. And it was delicious.

My wife enjoyed it just as much and later wondered if the wine, a WJ Meek Sauvignon Blanc, would be as tasty chilled. I was not nearly smart enough to have the answer. (We learned later that it is splendid when chilled.)

Read the whole article here.

We would suggest though that for the home you’ll have a look at a wine cooler. Even though you can put your wine on ice if needed, it still is better and easier to keep it stored and ready for serving at the right temperature. So, if you don’t want to have your wine cooling down in an ice bucket then check out our wine refrigerator reviews to find the best wine fridge for your home.

Wine Talk: Aging Of Wines – How Is It Done?

Oak Barrels For Aging Wine

We like to drink wine. Some more some less. We have our preferred types of wine and some even have their preferred bottle. But we rarely think about what it takes to make wine and then to expertly age wine.

Oak Barrels For Aging

Many high-quality red wines are ages in oak barrels. They stay in an oak barrel for up to 24 months and absorb some of the aroma from the barrel. However, if the wine is left too long in an oak barrel then the taste of oak will overshadow the fruit aroma.

Oak Barrels For Aging Wine

Oak Barrels For Aging Wine (Source: Jerusalem Post/Carmel Winery)

Don’t run out and start pouring your bottles of wine into an oak barrel as you have to be an expert in aging wine in oak. In new wine, when it gets properly aged, the oak will give the wine a sweet taste. Most people describe it as a vanilla flavor.

The Jerusalem Post has an interesting article written by Adam Montefiore who works for the Carmel Winery in Israel.

The oak barrel is a flavoring agent that enhances a wine. Flavors leached into wine from a barrel may add an extra note to wine, which, after all, is made 100 percent from grapes and nothing else. However, if a chef uses too much of a particular spice in a dish, the balance of the dish may be ruined. Likewise, if a wine is barrel-aged for too long, the oak flavors may mask the fruit. The secret is to find the right balance.

Oak is not sweet, but oak aging does add a noticeable sweet character to a wine. Most will characterize this as vanilla, which is the basic first impression.

Other aromas that come to the fore with the practiced nose are toast, coffee, mocha, cedar, cigar box and tobacco. These secondary flavors provide a certain complexity when supporting the fruity aromas of a wine.

Take a moment to look at the article as it’s quite interesting to find out what’s behind a good wine!

If you don’t have space for a large basement wine cellar to store your wines or just occasionally like your glass of wine with dinner, then check out our wine cooler reviews to find the best wine refrigerator for your home.

Popular 18-Bottle Wine Coolers Comparison – Which One Is Best For You?

NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Comparison of popular 18-Bottle Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers with a capacity of 18 Bottles are without a doubt some of the most popular sizes that are bought. They easily fit into even a small-sized kitchen and they offer enough capacity for the average wine consumer to keep his or her wine collection cold.

Our 18-Bottle Wine Coolers Comparison showcases some of the most popular and most often bought wine refrigerators in this class. Please check out our side-by-side comparison of 18-Bottle Wine Coolers below. Please leave a comment if you have other favorite wine fridges that we haven’t considered or tested yet.

TitleNewAir AW181E 18 Bottle Wine Cooler With Digital Temperature Readout18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Digital ControlWine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Two-Temp Touchscreen Wine RefrigeratorVinotemp VT-18TEDS Thermo-Electric Digital 18-Bottle Wine Chiller, Black and StainlessAvanti EWC1801DZ 18 Bottles Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
ColorBlack/Stainless SteeBlackstainless-steelBlack
FeatureThermoelectric technology means there are very little moving parts so vibration is significantly decreased
Uses no ozone depleting chemicals such as HCFCs or CFCs
Heavy duty glass door offers better insulation and improved UV protection
Includes 5 chrome plated wine racks for individual bottle storage
Digital temperature display allows for accurate temperature control
State-of-the-art vibration free thermoelectric technology
Includes 4 chrome racks; 4 genuine wood racks optional
Dimensions: 26 1/4"h x 13 5/8"w x 19 3/8"d
Soft interior LED lighting
Internal fan to evenly circulate air within the wine cooler
Dual Zone for Reds & Whites
Silent Cooling Technology
Temperature range: 46-66F
Touchscreen controls
18 Bottle Capacity
Freestanding digital wine chiller keeps up to 18 bottles properly chilled
Thermo-electric cooling system protects wine from unnecessary vibration
Ultra-quiet operation; does not use ozone-depleting chemicals
Energy-efficient dual-paned glass door; 5 pull-out shelves included
Measures 21-1/2 by 14 by 25-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
18-Bottle Capacity
Slide-Out Chrome Shelves
Thermoelectric Technology
Interior LED Lighting
Panel Lock
ManufacturerNewAirEdgeStarThe Wine EnthusiastVinotemp InternationalAvanti
ModelTWR181ES272 03 18VT-18TEDSEWC1801DZ
Height25.5 inch25.5 inch14.25 inch28.5 inch
Weight35.2 pound39 pound45 pound31 pound41 pound
Width14 inch14 inch19.75 inch13.75 inch
Length19.5 inch19.75 inch25.5 inch22 inch
Warranty1 Year Limited Parts & Labor90 Days Parts and Labor.
Rating4.2 out of 5 stars2.4 out of 5 stars1.8 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

We continuously review wine coolers for kitchens and wet bars. Please have a look at our wine refrigerator reviews of many of the bestselling brands.